During your Padua Holidays, you’ll discover a land surprisingly rich in history, culture and vitality.

The city of Padova (Padua) is a dynamic and vital city, with a vast historical-monumental heritage, and a great variety of places to visit, specialties to taste, people to meet.

The province is full of so many interesting places: spas in the largest thermal basin in Europe, the Euganean Hills and naturalistic oasis, nice medieval small towns, castles and villas.

In addition, during the Padua Holidays, you can navigate along the vast network of river ways.

In particular, the enchanting Brenta Riviera offers a trip aboard the “burchielli”, the traditional riverboats connecting Padua to Venice.

The historical towns of Cittadella, Este, Monselice and Montagnana offer re-enactments in historical costumes, palios and other folklore events.

Finally, Padua Province is the cradle of high quality wine and food production.

Your Padua Holidays starts in one of the most ancient and dynamic cities in Italy.

The perfect starting point are the Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Frutti, for centuries home to the daily fruit and vegetable market.

The Palazzo della Ragione overlooks the former two squares: here is one of the Padua iconic monument, called the “Salone”.

Piazza dei Signori is an elegant square with a Renaissance touch, surrounded by the St. Clement Church, the Palazzo del Capitanio and the imposing clock tower.

The St. John Baptiste Cathedral, and its ancient Baptistery, includes a splendid cycle of frescoes by Giusto de ‘Menabuoi.

Palazzo Bo is home of the prestigious University of Padua, where Galileo Galilei taught for many years, in late 14th Century.

The Scrovegni Chapel is another unmissable attraction with fantastic frescoes by Giotto.

The majestic Basilica di Sant’Antonio, a harmonious balance between Romanesque, Gothic, Byzantine and Moorish styles.

Nearby you can visit the oldest Botanical Garden in the world, a UNESCO site, dated back to the Republic of Venice.

Out of Padua, the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills with a wonderful green heritage, unique villages and UNESCO Palladian Villas is worth a tour.

During your Padua Holidays, the Euganean Hills offer you many opportunities for outdoor activities.

Thanks to its botanical richness and thermal springs, it is a real natural oasis.

In Abano, Montegrotto and Galzigano Terme, you will enjoy the precious healing properties of the waters.

If you love golf, here you will find many beautiful and well-equipped fields.

Many paths inside the Regional Park are excellent trails for trekking, guided tours, riding a mountain bike or Nordic walking.

Fans of historical re-enactments and breathtaking shows cannot miss the “Palio of the ten Montagnese Municipalities”.

For food and wine lovers, the Euganean Hills Wine Route allows you to taste the excellent wines and delicate oils of the territory.

The local tradition offers rice in many variations: with peas (“Risi e Bisi”), with radicchio or with asparagus.

Among the first courses are pasta and beans, the great variety of soups maridae and the bìgoli, similar to big spaghetti, obtained by working the pasta with the bigolaro.

Yet, the most famous specialty is certainly the Corte Padovana.

Typically, it’s a variety of hen, goose, chicken, capon, guinea-fowl, duck and turkey: their meat is tasty with ricotta, sauces, or mustard.

Don’t miss the tasty ham, salami and sausages, such as the “Veneto Berico-Euganeo prosciutto”, and the soppressa.

Another local specialty is the queen of Venetian cuisine: the polenta.

Among the typical desserts, you’ll find the “patientina”, based on zabaione cream; the “fregolòtta” best known as “sbrisolona”; the Paduan “fugassa”, one of the oldest sweets; and the “figassa” made from dried figs in the grappa spirit.

Every year in Arquà Petrarca, a beautiful medieval village, you’ll take part into the “Festa della Giuggiola”: a sweet fruit from which the famous “Brodo di giuggiole” liqueur is made.

Finally, taste these delicacies with the excellent local wines, such as the Colli Euganei DOC, Merlara DOC, DOC wines of Bagnoli and Corti Benedettine.

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