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Add side activities to your vacation, for a unique experience.
We, at My Tours in Rome, are proud to offer you a great range of Local Tours, Attractions, Things to Do in Italy.
We have a specialized staff of enthusiasts always in search of the best travel experience everywhere they go.
Thanks to their commitment, we have developed a wide range of services that go from traditional tours, to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
From Rome, to Milan; from Turin, to Sicily; from Apulia, to Florence; from Capri, to the Dolomites, we have Local Tours, Attractions, Things to Do for every kind of traveler.
We handpick every single Local Tours and Activities component to assemble the best quality package for you.
Always, premium access reserved in all our attractions packages.
Our Local Tours, Attractions, Things to Do in Italy: the Best value is guaranteed!
You can count on our Full-time Assistance. So, in case of anything wrong, we’re here to help, until the end of your journey.

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