Northern Italy Private Tour

Book your Northern Italy Private Tour in the most beautiful Italian cities and truly excellent hidden gems in the North.

Nowhere else in the world, History is starring as in Northern Italy.

Here, great poets words fill the air; great sculptors art fill the squares; and the smells of great food hovers over the city streets and hills.

Tour Description

This 15 days Northern Italy Private Tour allows you to retrace all this fascinating region highlights.

From the Italian Riviera cliffs to the Adriatic shores, you will live strong emotions and meet engaging people you’ll never forget with Northern Italy Private Tour.

Immerse yourself in the Northern Italy splendor, the Mediterranean waves crashing against the Cinque Terre cliffs, to the mighty Dolomites soaring peaks.

Live the life of an Italian small town during the Northern Italy Private Tour, meet the Verona, Vicenza, Padua and Pisa hidden gems, while walking their streets.

Discover some of the major art venues in the world and the beauty they offer.

Think of the Scala Opera House in Milan, with its impeccable acoustics and inspired facade.

Or, the Venice San Marco Basilica, with its Byzantine style.

Plus, the wonderful artworks of the most celebrated artists filling the Accademia and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Southern Italy can count on the Rome and Pompeii wonders, the Capri Island, and the amazing food of Puglia and Sicily.

Yet, after Northern Italy Private Tour, you realize that really no geographical area can match the cultural greatness, historical and natural heritage like this Italian region.

Come to Italy for the Arts, the inimitable architecture, the fantastic food, the unparalleled luxury, to spend a night in Milan or a quiet afternoon in Lake Como.

Whatever the reason you are visiting Italy, do not miss the North.

During the Northern Italy Private Tour:

  • Let Lake Como and its coast fascinate you: immerse yourself in the warm and welcoming local life, and finally spot all the luxurious villas along the Lake coast (if you’re lucky, you can meet international celebrities on holiday too!).
  • Kiss your beloved one on the most famous literature lovers’ balcony in Verona. And here, don’t miss the famous Roman amphitheater, still in use.
  • Admire the Dolomites, the UNESCO heritage mountain site, with impressive peaks and a unique view.
  • Meet the greatest architects of the Renaissance, Andrea Palladio, in Vicenza buildings and villas.
  • In Padua, however, experience the original union among science, culture, and a great Saint veneration.
  • Remain speechless in front of Venice and its canals, its beautiful buildings forming an urban incomparable landscape and its unique magical atmosphere.
  • Let yourself be conquered by the beauty of Florence: the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) over the River Arno; the Brunelleschi dome dominating the city skyline; the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria, a real open-air museum; and finally the Uffizi Gallery.
  • Taste some Chianti red wine in local production wineries, together with a number of other food specialties: if Florence is a real gem, the Tuscan countryside and its smaller cities are no different.
  • Walk through the Siena contrade: this cute city is a real treasure, among the best preserved in Italy.
  • Enjoy the luxury of the Cinque Terre slow life, a true paradise at your own pace.
  • Finally, immerse yourself in the world capital of Fashion, but don’t forget Milan surprisingly retains some of the greatest Italian artworks.

The Northern Italy Private Tour in short:

Day 1: Arrive in Milan and transfer to Lake Como

Day 2: Cruising Lake Como

Day 3: Transfer and visit Verona

Day 4: Transfer and visit Vicenza

Day 5: Transfer and visit Padua

Day 6: Transfer and visit Venice

Day 7: Exploring Venice

Day 8: Transfer and visit Florence

Day 9: Exploring Florence

Day 10: Exploring Tuscany Countryside

Day 11: Transfer and visit Siena

Day 12: Transfer and visit Pisa and Cinque Terre

Day 13: Exploring the Cinque Terre (Five Cities)

Day 14: Transfer and visit Milan

Day 15: From Italy, Back Home


[wptab name=’Complete Itinerary’]

Complete Itinerary

Places you visit during the Northern Italy Private Tour

  • Milan,
  • Varenne (or Varenna),
  • Bellagio,
  • Verona,
  • The Dolomite Alps,
  • Vicenza,
  • Padua,
  • Venice,
  • Florence,
  • Siena,
  • Pisa,
  • The Cinque Terre

When to leave for the Northern Italy Private Tour?

There is no fixed departure date. Since this is a private tour, departures are based upon your convenience.

Intinerary Details

Day 1: Arrival in Italy and first stop on Lake Como

The landing city in Italy is Milan, Italy’s economic capital, as well as the largest city in the North.

While Fashion and the City’s unique style soon capture you, a driver with a private car will transfer you from Milan Airport, to Varenna on Lake Como.

Once in this lovely town, drop off your luggage and check-in at your chosen hotel and enjoy your lunch.

In the afternoon, you can have a nice cruise on the lake Como: you can admire its incomparable views and learn about Varenna and its hinterland’s interesting historical anecdotes, from the rivalry with Como itself and Milan, to the traditional celebration of St. John on June 24th, throughout the city.

Admire the Vezio Castle, which dates back to the early XII century, and enjoy a wonderful walk through the castle gardens, among the most beautiful ones in this area.

Lake Como - Northern Italy Private Tour
Lake Como – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 2: Exploring the gorgeous Lake Como

Today, explore the countryside around Lake Como, from where you can admire a unique natural panorama.

The lake banks are rich in aristocratic residences frequented by jet-setters on vacation here: artists, Hollywood actors, international politicians, soccer players and successful sportsmen.

Please, admire the marvelous Cernobbio and Moltrasio villas, along with the Villa Melzi botanical gardens in Bellagio, or simply enjoy these timeless outdoors moments in this unforgettable environment.

If you are looking for a more active afternoon, you won’t be disappointed.

Walkers and runners at all levels can take many paths, different in length and difficulty, along the Lake Como edges.

This way, you can practice some sports and, at the same time, enjoy a unique and truly extraordinary landscape.

You can venture onto thick chestnut through placid wooded pastures, before pausing for a brief snack in a rifugio (shelter), where you can taste delicious specialties and meet interesting and very hospitable people.

Day 3: Verona and the most famous lovers in literature

Once in Verona, focus your attention on this magic city, where Shakespeare was the immortal classic “Romeo and Juliet”.

Hop-on for a City Sightseeing Tour, and let this city enchant you with the alleged Juliet’s balcony, in fact once truly inhabited, as well as the famous Verona’s Arena, one of the oldest and best preserved, and still in use, Roman amphitheatres in the World.

Don’t miss its restaurants, serving local specialities, its beautiful squares filled with markets, especially on weekends, and its parlours where you can taste the typical Italian ice cream.

Conclude your visit in Verona with the beautiful Scala family’s tombs, as well as the heart of the city: Piazza Signori.

Leaving Verona after lunch, you will reach the Dolomites, a part of the Southern Alps, one the most important geological wonders of Italy.

The UNESCO declared these mountains World Heritage Site in 2009, and you will find all these peaks really impressive in their size, and unforgettable in their beauty. The valleys appear sculpted and glaciers rise to the blue sky.

Dinner is served in a traditional Tyrolean restaurant, where you can taste the generous regional cuisine of this latitude.

Verona - Juliet Balcony - Northern Italy Private Tour
Verona – Juliet Balcony – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 4: On the trail of architect Andrea Palladio

Continuing the tour of the beautiful cities of Northern Italy, you will arrive in Vicenza, one of the Italy hidden jewels.

Today, you will discover Andrea Palladio, an incomparable Italian architect of the XVI century, in full Renaissance, and his great works.

We suggest you to start from the wonderful Olympic Theater and continue along Corso Palladio: stunning buildings make up the most ancient city centre.

The tour goes on with a visit to Vicenza’s main square, the Piazza dei Signori and the great Basilica Palladiana: the clock tower with elements drawn by the young Palladio, as the porch and windows that now bear his name, dominates the building and the surroundings.

In the afternoon, you can visit two of the most popular villas by Palladio, before returning to Verona.

Vicenza, as a whole, and its Palladian Villas in the Veneto region, are one of the Italian sites the UNESCO declared World Heritage, as well.

Vicenza - The Loggia - Northern Italy Private Tour
Vicenza – The Loggia – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 5: Padua, between University and Faith

Today we visit Padova (Padua), a city that every year attracts pilgrims from all over the World to venerate Saint Anthony, one of the most venerated Saints in the Catholic world.

Hop-on for a City Sightseeing Tour, and discover the City.

Padua is home to a high ranked University and therefore maintains a strong imprint of young and dynamic city due to all the students coming from several European Countries.

Stroll around the charming City center: we suggest you to visit both the XIV Century Giotto’s frescoes in the Cappella degli Scovegni (or Arena Chapel), and the University of Padua courtyard. Here, a young Galileo Galilei used to teach Math and Science.

Along the three main city squares, you can stop at one of the cafés for a quick-lunch, an excellent espresso, and even an ice cream scoop.

Even if you have nothing to do with religions, we suggest you to spend the afternoon visiting the most religious Padua.

In particular, walk along the old Jewish ghetto winding streets with its impressive buildings.

Then, enter the opulent and enormous St. Anthony Basilica, a beautiful building where, among others, the alleged Saint’s relics are preserved.

Padua - The Prato della Valle - Northern Italy Private Tour
Padua – The Prato della Valle – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 6: The “Serenissima”, between gondolas and specialities to taste

Move to the Adriatic Sea coastal, where you will meet the lagoon and archipelago that form Venice.

Known in the Renaissance as the Serenissima and now considered the most romantic city on the planet, there is much to see in this fascinating city.

Among other attractions, first, don’t miss the Rialto Bridge with its facing; then, the Campanile (the bell tower) that soars upwards and dominates the skyline; finally, graceful domes and the amazing mosaics inside the San Marco Basilica, iconic landmark of this unique metropolis.

Explore the city in a true Venetian style.

Take a tour through the canals in a romantic gondola; linger in the famous bacari, typical Venetian bars where you can taste some ombrine (croakers) or nizioleti (small dishes that resemble Spanish tapas), and a cicheto (glass of wine) or a spritz (a typical Venetian cocktail).

In this way, Venice is definitely a lucky charm for the rest of the trip.

Venice - Rialto Bridge and Gondolas - Northern Italy Private Tour
Venice – Rialto Bridge and Gondolas – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 7: the City of Channels symbols

Your private tour of Venice starts in the middle of everything: the beautiful and elegant Piazza San Marco (San Marco Sq.), where you can visit the Basilica and the Palazzo del Doge (the Duke’s Palace: here, the Doge of Venice lived until the Napoleon’s conquest, in late XVIII century.

Discovery of the Venetian lagoon by the Hop On Hop Off service, allowing you to get on and off as many times as you will want to all the stops, giving you the freedom to visit the major attractions.

From St. Mark’s Square to the Bridge of Sighs, from the beaches of the Lido, to glass from Murano, we will take you on a journey that will make you relive the history, culture and traditions of this exciting and romantic city.

Colors will fill your eyes at every street corners, as well as music your ears, and Venice glorious past stories replenish your heart, while you discover the most important places of this unique city.

Along the waterfront, you’ll encounter the legendary Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs), romanticized by Byron and remembered as the place where those condemned to death could have their last glimpse of the beloved Venice.

A special program is waiting for you tonight with a show at the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto, a former Venetian nobleman palace, where you can now experience events evoking the Italian Salotti Musicali tradition.

Here, you will feel as a spectator on stage, as if the traditional boundaries between audience, actors and musicians no longer exist: a typical direct approach in Italy classic music.

Day 8: Florence: a glorious past, still alive

Today we move to Tuscany, to visit the birthplace of the greatest artistic movement of Western history: Florence.

When you reach the city, walk on the most famous streets: and please note how easily you can breathe Arts and Culture in the Medici capital.

Take a City Sightseeing tour and welcome to the heart of the Italian Renaissance!

After a delicious Tuscan lunch, you’re greeted by your tour guide who will take you on an exciting journey through this wonder of the World.

Admire some of the greatest Italian masterpieces, as well as an amazing architecture that still inspires all the most successful designers.

The Accademia Museum in Florence is the main city Art school and home to some of the greatest Michelangelo artworks including, among others, the famous “David”, one of the most famous sculptures in Art history.

In the very heart of Florence, don’t miss the Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica, better known as the Florence Duomo (Dome).

You can also visit the Dome’s Museum, which collects Art objects and documents of great historical importance.

On outside, focus your attention onto the massive dome and the incredible Baptistery doors, Michelangelo himself dubbed “the Gates of Paradise.”

Finally, admire the panoramic city view from the nearby Giotto’s bell tower, with its rich decorations of coloured marbles.

Florence - The Duomo - Northern Italy Private Tour
Florence – The Duomo – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 9: Art and Culture in Florence

A one-day trip to Florence is not enough. Therefore, today you will find out everything you lost yesterday about the unparalleled craftsmanship and stimulating culture inside this wonderful city.

You may start with the Uffizi Gallery, the main Art museum in Florence, one of the largest and most famous in the World.

The Uffizi gathers an impressive collection of masterpieces by the Renaissance geniuses, including (among so many others) the “Spring” and “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, or the famous “Medusa” by Caravaggio.

Many Florence Churches are worth a visit, for their splendid architecture, beautiful interiors and the monumental tombs of some great local citizens.

One church that deserves attention is Santa Croce (the Holy Cross) – the largest Franciscan church in the World – with its multicoloured facade and funerary monuments. Here you will find the tombs of some great Italian Renaissance artists and thinkers, including Ghiberti, Galileo, Michelangelo and Machiavelli.

Changing the scene, you may cross the famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) and, while admiring the view, you may buy some precious jeweles exhibited on the bridge.

Now, you deserve a rich and hearty meal in a local trattoria, perhaps enjoying an authentic Fiorentina steak (if you like steaks, of course!), with a good bottle of Chianti red wine.

Day 10: The rich and inimitable Tuscan Province

Leaving the charming streets of Florence, you’ll be back in the Tuscan province, with its unparalleled landscapes and countryside.

On this Tuscany tour, the first stop is the so-called “Chiantishire”, the Chianti wine region, one of the great wine regions in the World.

This generous land produces red wines and inimitable, refreshing and sparkling white wines, perfectly complement the local cuisine.

Today, lunch is served in one of the farms in the surrounding area, where you can taste traditional dishes and great wines.

In the afternoon you’ll reach Siena, the historic town best known twice a year for its Palio, a horse race between riders representing local contrade (districts), in the Piazza del Campo.

Siena owns one of the best preserved Medieval urban landscape, full of beautiful Art galleries.

The food is delicious and its savoury aromas fill the air.

You may visit the sumptuous interior of the Cathedral, and walk around the Piazza del Campo, one of the world’s most spectacular outdoor places.

Tuscany Countryside - Val d'Orcia - Northern Italy Private Tour
Tuscany Countryside – Val d’Orcia – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 11: The Siena Contrade and the locals’ strong sense of belonging

On the 2nd day in Siena, look deeper into the city life and find out why they are so proud to belong to this city and to their district.

The starting point is the amazing Cathedral: dozens of mosaics, telling the stories of pre-Christians gods and heroes, decorate its floor. Here, you will find a series of sculptures by Michelangelo, including a self-portrait.

Stroll around the Contrade, as Siena districts are called: they strongly characterize the local people’s identity and sense of belonging.

Finally, the tour ends with a visit to a glass artisan’s workshop, where you will discover the traditions and techniques of artistic glass craftsmen, and buy souvenirs.

The afternoon is free, and Siena is there for you, at your convenience: you may want to discover other local beauties, including the Art Gallery and the San Domenico Church.

Siena - Piazza del Campo from Above - Northern Italy Private Tour
Siena – Piazza del Campo from Above – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 12: The Pisa Leaning Tower and a breathtakingly beautiful Riviera

Today you will move to the Ligurian Sea, to discover the famous Italian Riviera.

In particular, five small fishing villages in a stretch of coast form the “Cinque Terre”, one of the most beautiful places on this tour.

Yet, before you reach the Cinque Terre, we will stop one last time in Tuscany, in Pisa.

Here the countryside rolling hills and broad meadows converge on one of the worldwide famous icon: the unmistakable Pisa “Leaning Tower”.

Take all the souvenir pictures possible and check out about the circumstances that led to this famous architectural “accident”.

At lunch, you can enjoy the hearty Tuscan dishes for the last time in a typical Pisa restaurant.

Early in the afternoon, you will reach the Cinque Terre. After the hotel check-in, you may wish to take a guided tour of the small villages, and breathe the unique atmosphere.

Alternatively, walk along the coastal paths: note the spectacular views and the contrast between the Liguria terraced cliffs and the brilliant blue sea, sparkling in the sun.

The Cathedral and the Leaning Tower in Pisa - Northern Italy Private Tour
The Cathedral and the Leaning Tower in Pisa – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 13: The Cinque Terre: where the mountains meet the sea

Today you are free to explore as you like this beautiful corner, at your own pace: enjoy this peaceful and serene Italian Eden in full.

In particular, walk on the Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Track), where you can linger along the Via dell’Amore (the Love Road), between Riomaggiore and Manarola.

Enjoy local culinary delights coming from the Liguria countryside, like the pesto sauce (which was invented here). You’ll find out it is completely different from any pesto sauce you have already tasted.

Do not forget the fragrant and crisp focaccia (flatbread), which makes you think what a great invention for mankind is bread.

Or, you could go trekking through the various paths climbing the mountains, from the sea. Once you’re there, you can admire this unusual and wonderful encounter between the mountain and the sea from amazing and spectacular angles.

Finally, you may simply find your favourite corner in one of these picturesque five villages, and slide your day with a good book and a cappuccino. In this way, you will experience the sweet life that everyone wants live in Italy.

Cinque Terre - Vernazza at Dusk - Northern Italy Private Tour
Cinque Terre – Vernazza at Dusk – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 14: The visible and hidden wonders of the magnificent Milan

After a short ride through the beautiful Italian countryside, you’ll find yourself strolling through Milan, the World fashion capital and home to an amazing collection of some great Italian artworks.

The “Fashion Quadrilateral” area is full of the greatest and most famous designers ateliers, as well as emerging young talents, whose windows offer the latest trends in clothing.

And, since you are in Milan, don’t forget to do some shopping for yourself, or for your loved ones.

A guided tour of this bustling city includes the Milan Dome, the gigantic Gothic Cathedral – one of the largest worship places in the world, as well as the last great example of Gothic architecture in Italy.

Then follow the impressive rusty coloured the Sforza Castle battlements and walls, one of the largest strongholds of Europe, where the Duke of Milan used to live, up to early XVIII Century.

At Lunch you may taste the typical Milanese dishes.

Plus, make sure to enjoy a good Italian ice cream, which is particularly delicious and definitely worth trying in Milan.

Your tour ends at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church.

Small and a bit hidden, here you can admire its beautiful structure, a nave with refined décor with an apse, presumably designed by Bramante.

Yet, while it is very nice, we didn’t bring you here for the church.

There is something more, something really extraordinary: the most famous fresco in the World, “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci.

You will notice exceptional measures are put in place to protect and preserve this magnificent and valuable art work, miraculously spared by heavy bombing in World War II. Unlike much of the church.

Well, tonight in Milan will be the last night in enchanting Italy: it is worth living it big.

Make sure to ask us for advice at, or by filling out this form.

Trust our know-how: we guarantee that this evening will remain engraved in your memory for a long time.

Milan - The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci - Northern Italy Private Tour
Milan – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci – Northern Italy Private Tour

Day 15: Time to go home

After Hotel check-out, a private car will take you to the Milan airport, where you can get on the flight that will take you home.

And we are sure that once at home, the magic you experienced, the friends you met, the artworks you admired, and the specialties you tasted in the last two weeks will fill your heart and mind.

And, ultimately, your hands will soon become busy, writing the program of your new journey to do right away.

Destination? Italy, of course: to continue your tour in this amazing Country!

Tour Price

For the customized Northern Italy Tour package as outlined in the Detailed Description section, please consider the following guidelines:

5-star Hotel: From Euro 360 per person, per night
4-star Hotel: From Euro 270 per person, per night
3-star Hotel: From Euro 180 per person, per night

The Northern Italy Private Tour price includes:

  • V.A.T.
  • 14 nights accommodation in the chosen Hotel
  • Airport transfers to/from the chosen Hotel
  • Transfers tickets within Italy, by 1st class “Frecciarossa” High-speed Train
  • Gondola Tour in Venice
  • Florence Uffizi Museum entrance ticket
  • City Sightseeing tour in Florence, Pisa, Milan, Verona, Venice, Padova
  • Guided tours or activities,
  • 14 breakfast meals,
  • 14 lunch meals
  • 14 dinner meals
  • Customized trip planning
  • Assistance during your trip

The Northern Italy Private Tour price does not include:

  • International R/T flight
  • the City Tax, where applicable
  • Optional tours not included in the planned trip, to be bought locally
  • Tips, and any further extra
  • Everything not included in the previous section

Please, inquire for a custom quote by compiling this form, or writing at

The price may change upon your final hotel choice, travel dates, and other customized preferences.


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