mytoursinrome-spanish-steps  From the more featured tours to the most inexpensive bare-bone trips, My Tours in Rome can offer and organize a wide range of tours to the Italian peninsula.

Not all the travelers are the same: many opt for guided tours of Rome because in such tours you can sit back and enjoy the trip withour having to drive or worry about details. Guided tours take you to many sights as possible in the shortest amount of time. These tours are convenient for those who are coming to Italy for the first time and for those seeking new friends while traveling.

On the other hand, escorted tours do not allow you to visit places off the beaten path because they are already prearranged in terms of places to see ad timing.

This said, the best way to see Rome is when you can get as much information as possible before even getting started on a tour. Talk to your travel agent to find out when to go to Rome and what monuments are among your preferred choices.

A good full day tour begins, first of all, in the right season. As nowadays everybody has flexible vacation times, good periods to see Rome and Italy are during the low season months, that is in March, November and December. These months are also good in terms of weather as they carry a very reasonable temperature.

Another factor to consider is the day in which the tour is run. For example, if you travel across Rome on Sunday, you may not be able to see the Vatican Museums, because they are closed, or on Wednesday Saint Peter’s basilica may be inaccessible because of the Pope’s audience. Another example that can suggest to choose another day to visit Rome is when there are strikes of the personnel of the Roman Forum or certain areas of ancient Rome close before dusk.

There are even more reasons why you want to adjust your full day tour to be a perfect fit for your needs: what about the transportation? Are you doing the tour on foot or are you using a bus?

If you are doing a walking tour, remember to wear comfortable shoes and to dress appropriately for the Vatican. Since the Vatican owns other basilicas in Rome such as Saint John in Lateran and the Holy Steps, you will find Vatican personnel checking out your clothes before admitting you into the churches. We know that it may seem paternalistic, but we have seen many people wearing shorts and sweat pants rejected at the entrance gate.

As the Eternal City is visited every year but at least 10 milion people, it is the travel flux that triggered in our company the chance to explore new ideas to propose in our packaged tours. New hubs can be reached today from North to South of Italy thanks to fast train and bus connections that link the South with the North of Italy. The more you will explore our country, the more you will realize that Rome is in the middle of the country and that from Rome you can easily reach Milan or Venice in a few hours.