Full Rome Private Holidays - 13 Days

Book the Full Rome Private Tour: in 13 days / 12 nights, you’ll have the best opportunity to visit the Eternal City in it’s full.

Experience the warmth of locals.

Take pictures of Rome’s astonishing skyline from different belvedere points.

Taste the Roman cuisine and try to replay some recipes at home.

Walk …, yes, simply walk around to discover hidden corners, unusual fragrances, or great shopping deals.

During the Full Rome Private Tour, you’ll admire all those places you’ve always seen in pictures, movies, friends’ tales, social media images, etc.

Rome is not only history, or monuments, or arts, or beautiful churches: above all, a way of life on its own.

Tour Description

Let’s introduce you our Full Rome Private Tour.

It is basically an “all seasons” trip. Thanks to the Roman warm weather throughout the year, you can take this fantastic trip even in December or January.

During our Full Rome Private Tour, you’ll spend thirteen days visiting some of the most famous Historical sites in the World, like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum; the Trevi Fountain; the Vatican Museums and many more.

What about breathing the “Dolce Vita” atmosphere in Via Veneto? Or, losing yourself in a whirling shopping session in the Spanish Steps shopping district, including fashionable streets like Via Condotti, Via del Corso or Via del Babuino, etc.?

Our Full Rome Private Holidays focuses on history (we should say “the big History”); Culture; Art; Monuments; unparalleled panoramas; fantastic food: but, above all, that full sense of slow time passing, the typical Italian atmosphere (their way of life).

Booking Your Own Full Rome Private Holidays

The following is a holiday plan we have already crafted.

Nevertheless, you can require us to add optional local itineraries, and full day tours of the nearby cities.

Therefore, you’ll get a highly personalized plan for the Full Rome Private Holidays, to suit your expectations.

So, for your own Full Rome Private Holidays, you may want to change the number of nights in either of the destinations; add optional tours and hotel upgrades; change the departure dates; and so on.

Trust our staff: we are committed to make your holiday perfect. Let’s talk together about your next Italy holidays: call now the n.+39 06 92949604; fill the form below; or send an email at info@www.mytoursinrome.com.

During our Full Rome Private Holidays:

  • Explore thousands of years of unparalleled history, from the ancient Pantheon Basilica and the Column of Marcus Aurelius, to the Baroque marvel of the Trevi Fountain.
  • Indulge yourself among the art masterpieces in the St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums.
  • Remain speechless in the sight of the Sistine Chapel frescoes by Michelangelo.
  • Discover why Rome is the Capital of Baroque style.
  • Descend into the depths, to visit the underground Ancient City.
  • In case of favorable conditions, take a mini-cruise on the Tiber river.
  • Explore the surroundings, as interesting as Rome in itself, like Tivoli’s Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa).
  • Take part into a wine tasting session with a professional Sommelier in the vineyard of a Castelli Romani wine maker.
  • Tour the City aboard the tiny iconic FIAT 500 Classic car, or the unforgettable VESPA scooter, like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in the movie "Roman Holidays".
  • Breathe the true “Romanesque” spirit in the Trastevere district.
  • Take fantastic pictures from the belvedere terraces on the Janiculum Hills.
  • Get involved in a whirling shopping session in the Spanish Steps district.
  • Walk Via Veneto, along the “Dolce Vita” footsteps.
  • Taste the typical Roman cuisine, and learn the recipes in a cooking session with a professional Chef.

Day 1
Welcome to Italy, welcome to Roma!

A private chauffeur will be waiting for you at the Airport and bring you to your chosen hotel.

After checking in, get familiar with the beautiful Roman atmosphere: take a walk into history and get acquainted with the “Dolce Vita” mood that the Romans enjoy.

For dinner, My Tours in Rome’s consultants have already booked all typical Roman restaurants and “Trattorias”, not only for tonight, but also for your further lunch and dinner meals.

After dinner, you’ll enjoy a panoramic and fascinating Night Tour of Rome, aboard a comfortable private Van, with our multilingual official driver and guide.

Admire the most famous monuments of the “Eternal City”, with the magic of the evening lights.

You’ll stop and get off at the Trevi Fountain and the Navona Square, so you can take the best pictures.

At the end of the tour, the driver will bring you back to your hotel.

As an alternative to the Night Tour of Rome, you might take a dinner and mini-cruise along the Tiber river aboard our motorships, if the service is available, and both the river and the weather conditions allow it.

Day 2
Imperial Rome: a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum

Today, you'll be the testimony of the Eternal City epic history. You'll visit the most famous sites of classical Rome.

Reach the Palatine hill, the city's most ancient site: the Imperial Palace is here.

In front of you, take a picture of the Circus Maximus, the main sports arena of the past. The same you've seen in many colossal movies.

In the nearby, the Arch of Constantine which introduces you to the Ancient Rome largest venues: the Roman Forum and the nearby Colosseum.

Our official multilingual guide will bring you inside these two iconic symbols, skipping the line, in order to make you live the life of that era, according to the latest archaeological discoveries.

No doubt the Colosseum is an engineering marvel, as well as Rome's most famous icon in the World, together with the St. Peter Basilica.

After a light lunch, you’ll continue to breathe the Rome’s ancient “grandeur”in the afternoon by visiting the excavations of Ostia Antica, just 30 min. from the City.

Back to Rome, you'll enjoy your dinner in one of our hand-picked typical Restaurants.

Day 3
Christian Rome: the Vatican and beyond

Today, crossing the symbolic-only border with Vatican City, you’ll enter the heart of the smallest kingdom in the World, and one of the most important States in Western history.

But first, visit the archaeological excavation below the Vatican: the Necropolis of the “Via Triumphalis” to visit the tomb of St. Peter the Apostle.

Just above the Necropolis, you'll find yourself in one of the most sacred place of Christianity: the Holy See, whose main symbol is the St. Peter's Basilica.

Our official multilingual guide will bring you inside the Basilica. She will illustrate you one of the largest religious buildings in the World, as well as one of the Renaissance and Baroque finest examples.

Once off the St. Peter's Basilica, get ready for a huge amount of art masterpieces along the corridors and halls of the Vatican Museums.

Yet, nothing compares to the grand finale: the real plot twist that you'll never forget, the stunning Sistine Chapel.

Look up to the ceiling: the unparalleled genius of Michelangelo will kidnap you. It is a building that cannot be compared with any other place on Earth.

So be sure to take plenty of time to enjoy it.

Day 4
Christian Rome: the Basilicas, the Appian Way and the Catacombs.

Today, you’ll explore the Christian Rome beyond the Vatican.

The first stop will be on the Esquiline Hill where our guide will show you some of the treasures inside the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major).

After the visit inside the Basilica, with our Official expert guide, your private car will stop to the Holy Staircase (or “Scala Santa”), part of a complex called the Holy Steps, close to the St. John Lateran Basilica.

Next, you'll visit either the Catacombs of St. Callisto, Santa Domitilla or San Sebastiano, depending upon seasonal conditions.

Your next stop is the San Clemente Basilica, an extraordinary complex of a Medieval Basilica, atop ancient underground buildings of two levels deep, the oldest of which dates back to the 1st century A.D.

Your today journey ends at the unbelievable Capuchins Crypt and Museum.

Here, the remains of approx. 4,000 Capuchin monks collected between 1528 and 1870 from the old cemetery of the Capuchin order, literally rest in pieces.

In the Museum, you'll admire the Caravaggio’s beautiful artwork ‘St Francis in Meditation’.

Please note that not all the visited venues on this tour permit photography.

Also, please note that appropriate dress is required for entry into some sites on this tour. Knees, shoulders and backs must be covered.

After a long day with our Full Rome Private Tour, you surely deserve a fantastic dinner in one of our selected restaurants.

Day 5
Baroque in Rome. Afternoon Cooking Class with a professional Chef.

After so much History, today the Full Rome Private Tour offers you one of City's best artistic face for which it is so famous in the world: the Baroque style.

The tour begins in Largo Argentina and quickly you'll reach two peculiar squares in Rome: Piazza Farnese and Campo de' Fiori.

In the first one, you'll visit Palazzo Spada: here the Italian Council of State and the Spada Artworks Gallery have their venues.

Campo de' Fiori, instead, is home to a lively and colorful food market with a remarkable popular atmosphere.

Your next stop needs no introduction: Piazza Navona.

Here you can admire the Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers (the “Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi”) in the center.

Our official chartered guide will give you all the information regarding the history and all the monuments in this square.

Following, Piazza della Rotonda holds the Pantheon. Today, it's a Catholic Basilica (you’ll visit it inside), formerly a temple for the cult of Emperor Augustus.

Your next stop is the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), the largest Baroque fountain in the City, and one of the most famous in the world.

Don't forget to throw a coin as a promise of return to Rome.

Finally, admire the Spanish Steps, a monumental stairway of 135 steps, with the Fontana della Barcaccia ("Fountain of the ugly Boat").

Tonight you'll prepare dinner for yourself, thanks to a cooking class with a multilingual professional chef.

A good idea is to start with the choice of ingredients: your chef will take you to visit a Market of Rome and will explain the ingredients to buy.

Once shopping done, hurry up; everybody in the kitchen!

Day 6
Authentic “Romanesque” Heart: the Jewish Ghetto, the Tiberina Island and the “Trastevere” District.

Today, we'll bring you to another side of Rome: the Jewish Ghetto (where the Roman Jews still live) and “Trastevere”, one of the most typical Roman district, with its narrow streets and fragrances.

Behind the Synagogue, you’ll find Via Portico d’Ottavia which owes its name to the ruins of the ancient portico built in the 1st century B.C.

The ghetto presence had a great influence on the typical Roman cuisine.

Here, restaurants and “trattorie” offer you all the most remarkable Jewish specialities.

After touring the Ghetto, you'll reach the Tiberina Island and, then, Trastevere, one of the most famous and ancient quarters of the city. Walk on the winding streets covered with cobblestones overlooked by medieval houses.

As you might already found out, the night is filled with people, both Italian and foreigners, thanks to the wealth of typical Roman restaurants, clubs and pubs for every price range.

Trastevere includes the river plain and the hill of the Janiculum.

Day 7
Villa Borghese Park, the Pincio Belvedere with the Borghese the Gallery of Art, and Via Veneto area.

Today, it's a more relaxing day. You'll walk in the largest City Garden, Villa Borghese, with its unparalleled Art Gallery, with a unique collection of masterpieces (it absolutely deserves a guided visit).

Extending from the top of the Piazza del Popolo on top of the lookout, to Via Veneto, Villa Borghese (Borghese Gardens), crowned in a kind of green canopy the city of Rome.

Villa Borghese is literally a breath of fresh air for those who visit. There are museums, a theater, a zoo, a lake, an ice skating rink (in winter), spacious areas for rollerblading and skateboarding, numerous statues and fountains, a flora and very diverse fauna.

Don't forget to take pictures from the Pincio belvedere, where there's a broad viewpoint, a fantastic view of Piazza del Popolo and the Prati district.

Next stop: Via Veneto, the most popular, stylish and expensive streets in Rome.

In the 50's and 60's, Via Veneto has gained international fame as the center of the “Dolce Vita” (the sweet life): its bars and restaurants attracted Hollywood stars and jet-setters, like Audrey Hepburn, Anita Ekberg, Anna Magnani, Gary Cooper, Orson Welles, Tennessee Williams, Jean Cocteau and Coco Chanel, and so many others.

Dinner in a famous Roman Restaurant.

Day 8
Tivoli’s gems: Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa) and Villa d’Este

It's time to visit some real gems outside Rome, in an intense but fulfilling tour.

The first stop is Villa d'Este in Tivoli, an Italian Renaissance masterpiece with an unforgettable garden, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

In 2016, Villa d’Este was the tenth most visited Italian site, with approx 452,000 visitors.

While the interiors are particularly interesting, the Villa's real strength is outside: the spectacular garden is the Pirro Ligorio's genius result.

You will see terraces and slopes, with a central longitudinal axis and five major transverse axes, masterfully connecting the different garden slopes.

Your second stop in Tivoli, another historical masterpiece: the Hadrian's Villa. Villa Adriana was an Imperial suburban residence built in the II century.

Emperor Hadrian (76-138 A.D.) commissioned it near Tivoli (ancient Tibur), today metropolitan city of Rome Capital.

Villa Adriana was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 1999.

We believe you agree with us: how much beauty does our Full Rome Private Holidays offers to our participants.

Day 9
Underground Rome tour & Dinner with the Opera.

Today, you'll visit the church of San Nicola in Carcere (St. Nicholas in Prison), built upon an ancient Roman temple you still can spot into the side walls of the church.

What sets these ruins apart from any others in Rome, is that they are probably the most ancient remainings in the City.

From the crypt under the altar, down to the underground level, you’ll retrace the beaten path of the Romans, on their daily comings and goings.

Your next hidden Rome stop is the Piazza di Pietra (Square of Stone), and admire the Hadrian Temple, now incorporated into a later building.

Here, you’ll visit the St. Mary in Via Lata church, where you will enter the underground area.

Our official guide will show you some very well preserved and rare frescoes.

The final stop is the Trevi Fountain, that you might already visited in the previous tour.

Here, you can visit the underground archaeological area of ​​Vicus Caprarius – the City of Water a block (insula, in Latin) made of two separate buildings.

This housing complex was subsequently transformed, around the mid-IV century, in a luxurious manor house (domus, in Latin).

Tonight, for dinner, you’ll have an invitation at the Opera!

Taste the Italian traditional cuisine, while listening to some of the most famous Opera Arias, with the voices of professional singers from the Rome Opera House.

Day 10
The “Great Beauty”: the Janiculum Hill Tour

Today, you’ll climb to the Janiculum, one of the highest hills of Rome, although not included into the historical seven hills forming the oldest nucleus of the “Eternal City”.

The Janiculum hill is famous for offering one of the most astonishing views of Rome: enjoy breathtaking views of churches, palaces and monuments, with the Tiber river with her curves in the middle.

One of the most famous place on the Janiculum hill is the monumental fountain.

Better known as the “Fontanone” (Big Fountain), the recently Oscar awarded movie “La Grande Bellezza” (The Great Beauty) immortalized it.

Next stop is the “Giardino degli Aranci” (the Garden of Orange trees), located on the Aventine Hill, which offers another fantastic view of the city.

The garden is named because of the many bitter orange trees you can admire here.

After the Janiculum tour, discover the charm of Rome aboard a colorful iconic tiny Fiat 500 classic car, or the famous Vespa scooter.

During the tour, you will stop for a glass of Prosecco DOC, or a cappuccino, or a rich Italian “gelato”.

At the end of the tour, your tour leader will drop you off at the hotel or, if you prefer, wherever you believe more convenient to you.

Day 11
The “Castelli Romani” (Roman Castles Hills) Tour, with Wine Tasting session

Today, let’s go outside Rome once again, to visit the Castelli Romani.

Located a short distance on the South-East of Rome, it offers two incredible lakes in volcanic craters: Lake Nemi and Lake Albano.

Once a favorite destination for clean air, today visitors look for a more enjoying atmosphere and events.

In Ariccia, you can taste local food specialities, including excellent wine, at a very reasonable price, at the typical “fraschette”.

If you travel in the right period, you can participate in the Grape Festival in Marino and the Flower Festival in Genzano. These, and other events, attract more and more visitors from the world, to the Castelli Romani.

Some of the wines from this area are very popular throughout the world.

Therefore, you’ll visit a famous wine estate in the area. Here you can taste and buy bottles of famous wines like the “Frascati D.O.C.” and “Marino D.O.C.”, two of the five best wines of Lazio, and highly appreciated in the world.

Genzano di Roma and Nemi, your next stops, allow you to sample some of the artisan foods and local wines, while enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking views.

Finally, the scenic Castel Gandolfo, one of the nicest town in Italy with its Lake, an unexpected panorama and its historic sites: here, all Popes, except Pope Francis, used to retreat themselves in the Apostolic Palace, to escape the summer heat of Rome.

Day 12
Leisure Day (Extra tours, on request)

At last, in the Full Rome Private Tour, today you can dedicate a whole day to yourselves.

Please, feel free to contact us for further suggestions to spend your leisure time in Rome.

For instance, if you are an art lovers, you can fulfill your passion, visiting some of the unrivalled Museums, like the four venuses of the Museo Nazionale Romano (National Museum of Ancient Rome), or the Borghese Gallery, or the National Museum of Ancient Arts.

Finally, you can visit a temporary exhibition that may take place in Rome during your visit (in most cases, in venues that you couldn’t visit otherwise).

For all the Museums and Exhibitions tickets are not included in the initial Full Rome Private Tour price.

Don’t hesitate to ask us: we have plenty of ideas for you to live the City in an original way.

If you prefer, our shopping consultants are at your disposal to drive you to the best deals in the most fashionable streets: what a fantastic occasion to buy souvenirs or fashion items to remind your Full Rome Private Tour.

Day 13
Time to go back home

You are now at the end of the Full Rome Private Tour.

Today you will sadly leave Italy: a private transfer will bring you from the Hotel to the International Airport where your flight will take off.

All the sights, sounds, fragrances, tastes and experiences of the past week will flood over you.

Anytime you'll remember your Full Rome Private Tour, you'll smile thinking to all the marvelous places you visited and the extraordinary people you met.

The natural consequence is that you'll start planning for an inevitable new Italy tour.

Trip price, starting from €2,160.00 per person, includes:

  • V.A.T.
  • Round Trip Airport private transfers to/from the chosen Hotel
  • Pick up service from the chosen Hotel with private Mercedes (or similar) car or van
  • Private transfer service to all venues and return to the chosen Hotel
  • 12 nights accommodation in the chosen Hotel
  • 12 breakfast meals in Hotel,
  • 12 lunch meals in typical restaurants
  • 10 dinner meals in typical restaurants
  • 1 dinner meal with the Opera Singers
  • 1 dinner meal during the Cooking Class
  • The Colosseum and the Roman Forum “Skip the line” entrance ticket
  • The Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel “skip the line” entrance ticket
  • Ostia Antica Excavations entrance ticket
  • The Catacombs entrance ticket
  • The Capuchins Crypt and Museum entrance ticket
  • Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa) entrance ticket
  • Villa d’Este entrance ticket
  • Wine Tasting session in a winemaker cellar
  • Rome by night Bus Tour (or, Mini-cruise on the Tiber river)
  • Cooking Class with a professional Chef
  • Tour of Rome aboard VESPA Scooter, or the iconic FIAT 500 classic car
  • Official English speaking professional tour guides
  • Customized trip planning
  • Assistance during your trip

Trip price doesn't include:

  • International R/T flight tickets
  • the City Tax, to be paid in Hotel
  • Optional tours or extra visits not included in the planned trip, to be booked in advance
  • Tips, and any further extras
  • Everything not included in the previous section


Are there any fixed departure dates?

Like all our private tours, the Lake Garda & Sorrento Holiday has no fixed departure dates. In this way, it’s easier for you to customize the tour according to your needs.

How many people can participate in the Full Rome Private Holidays, at the same price?

The reported price per person relates to two people sharing a double hotel room. For people wishing to sleep in a single room, a supplement will be applied. The same price can be applied to up to 10 people travelling together. For larger groups, please contact our dedicated team.

Which kind of hotel category does the labelled price relate to?

The published tour price is from Euro 2,160.00 per person, in 3 star hotels, sharing a double bedroom. The price for 4 stars accommodation is from Euro 3,120.00 per person, sharing a double bedroom. The price for 5 stars accommodation is from Euro 3,960.00 per person, sharing a double bedroom.

You can send your inquiry via the form below.

Price From USD $ 2,160/person
Total $ 2,160 USD

Trip Facts

  • R/T flights, Local Private Transfers
  • From 1, to 10 people
  • From 13 mt. (43 ft.) a.s.l., to 139 mt. (456 ft.) a.s.l.

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